About The Crask

The Crask Inn stands in wild, expansive country, brooded over by 3156-ft Ben Klibreck, the highest mountain in the district. The original part of the building was constructed around 1815 by the Sutherland Estate and it has since provided welcome refuge for generations of weary travellers in the far north.

Thomas Telford upgraded the nearby road in 1819 and it remains a well-maintained single-track road today. There are no street lights to pollute the clear night skies or to disturb the sheep, which are cared for by former owners Mike and Kai Geldard, who recently gifted The Inn to Bishop Mark Strange of the Scottish Episcopal Church. Mike and Kai now live in the nearby Bunkhouse, which has been converted to the Crask Cottage. Current guests are looked after by Dr Denise and Douglas Campbell on behalf of the Church.

While The Crask is surrounded by rugged country, the welcome inside is still as warm as the peat fire which burns inside the small bar. Denise and Douglas look forward to seeing you at The Crask Inn.